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Unstable Potion has been enriched with two additional EMBLEM...
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Unstable Potion upgrade Doing Task from Grizzly Adams u can...
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  01 Sep 2020 - Discord Server 1.0

We invite you to DISCORD! There you'll find voice channels and lots of answers, scripts, quest walkthroughs, and more! Ask questions, engage in fierce discussions, upload photos - share and create a community with us!

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  25 Aug 2020 - Some news.

Hello! We have some news for you,
First, I would like to thank everyone for your commitment to the server promotion!

I am happy to announce the creation of FANPAGE on Facebook!
I include the address:

There have been some changes to the balance of AoE spells
Master Sorcerer -7% DMG
Elder Druid -4% DMG
Royal Paladin -12% DMG
Elite Knight + 3% DMG

From the changes on the map, the spawn leviatans on the island of Marluk has been enlarged and the spawning passages have been unlocked in the main Rebirth

This is how the introduction to the quest that will appear soon!

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  13 May 2020 - New Advanced Tibia! Best edite

Welcome to the best installment of Tibia 8.6!
You will see here an amazing map you feel sentimental about! New Systems to diversify PVP, you need to think carefully about character development! Fast attack, New spells and challenges are just before the taste of what awaits you here!

Witaj na najlepszej odsłonie Tibia 8.6! 
Zobaczysz tu niesamowita mapę do której czujesz sentyment! Nowe Systemy urozmaica PVP, musisz dokładnie zastanowić się nad rozwojem postaci! Szybki atak, Nowe czary i wyzwania to tylko przed smak tego co cie tu czeka!

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  10 May 2020 - Update part III

Another update appeared along with the next global save of the game save of the game. What can we expect? First of all, we have added the
Godly Set - It consists of three elements:
You see a godly mask (Arm:7, magic level +3, protection death +8%).
It weighs 7.80 oz.
This hat restore ur HP and Mana.
You see a godly armor (Arm:15, protection holy +2%, death +2%).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 80 or higher.
It weighs 34.00 oz.
You see a godly legs (Arm:12, protection death +2%).
It weighs 48.00 oz.
Restore HP and Mana.
You can find him in the following lands:
-Main Land
Rebirth Island
-Dream Land
After absorbing the entire set, we'll receive a permanent bonus to:
Regeneration, Hp, Mana and Melee. There is a 10% chance that some part will disappear! We can use the Godly set or return to your inventory the bonus will be!

In addition, we added a new weld, be sure to check out Marluk City underground and catacombs under DP Rebirth!

Godly Set location:
-Mainland (
Seven-mile shoes quest)
-Rebirth (
Deep underground east of the depot)
-Dream Island (Find the dragon lair east of the city)

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  17 Mar 2020 - Unstable Potion Upgrade

Recent updates have been groundbreaking when it comes to taski. They have significantly increased the price of server tokens, which we need to upgrade our unstable potion. (these items are included in the pictures).
Server tokens, which I mentioned in an earlier post, we acquire by performing tasks at Grizzly Adams
You can also get them by fighting the Apocalypse boss, who respaws in North Port (north-west of Thais), and in the tower on the Malruków island (Rebirth Island), but he sends 3 Ghazbarans in the company of Ferumbras, max hit around 11,000, therefore, going low on him can be fatal.
Basic information about Unstable Potion:
he is the only infinite potion in the game,
exhaust, i.e. the time limit between the next use of potion and healing spells is 2 - 4.2 seconds,
** Treatment: **
before rebirth
(MANA: MIN. 75 MAX. 525) (HP: MIN. 125 MAX. 575)
after rebirth - to the fourth
(mana: MIN. 575 MAX. 1025) (HP: MIN. 625 MAX. 1075)
after 5 rebirth - last
(mana: MIN. 1150 MAX. 2050) (HP: MIN. 1250 MAX. 2150)
Where to upgrade ❓🤔
we upgrade at OLD NECROMANCER - it is located in the tower on the Malruków island (Rebirth Island). Getting to it is not an easy task, because we have to go through several floors with strong monsters.
Prices of items to upgrade ❓🤔
health emblem 50 server token,
mana emblem 70 server token,
exhaust emblem 100 server token,
miraculum 120 server token.
The benefits of upgrading‼ ️
health emblem - raises the treatment of our character by 500 points,
mana emblem - increases the amount of mana replenished by 500 points,
exhaust emblem - reduces exhaust - time limit from 1 to 3 seconds,
miraculum - doubles our bonuses received from emblems (e.g. we have mana emblem and health emblem, which means that we will receive an additional 1000 mana and 1000 life points instead of 500, which add emblems).
Max hp and mana, after a total upgrade (4 items) awarded by potion will be:
*okay. 3200 hp
*okay. 3100 mana
NOTE‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️
Upgrade items should be in our backpack with Unstable Potion to bring any effect.

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