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08 September 2020 (08:46)
Unstable Potion has been enriched with two additional EMBLEMS, check out more in NEW FEATURES!
05 September 2020 (13:41)
Win 100 or even 150 legendary gem's! See the contest on FB @ Advanced.Ots
06 July 2020 (10:41)
Unstable Potion upgrade Doing Task from Grizzly Adams u can get server tokens. Server Tokens we needed to upgrade Unstable Potion! Also Server Tokens can be dropped by Apocalypse(raid north port north west of thais Read more in NEW Features!
23 May 2020 (15:44)
Magic stones are the next step! Do you have a valuable item and would like to get the level and slots? Just use GEMS! Create Slot, create uniqe slot. Example: [RegHP +3] Max 4 slots. Read more in NEW Features!
17 May 2020 (14:02)
Hunted System added! (!bounty Name, Price) Hunted Players on online list (!online)
13 May 2020 (13:19)
Magic Items! Amazing items available in the game! Players during their expeditions have a chance to get amazing items, each of them will have a level and a "slot" Read more in NEW Features!
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